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We thank our Founding Sponsors who made a donation during our first full year of operation, which ended August 31, 2003. Learn more about supporting us in our continuing work.


Rob Cork and Carla Luggiero


Jason Cork
Jim & Jessica Cork
Rob Cork
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Cottrell
George Diller
Linda Draper
Wendy Elsasser
In Memory of Samuel & Lillian Fekete
Sheila Hickey Garvey

Mark & Jean Gilbertson
Brian & Christy Hoins
Gary & Carla Luggiero
Elizabeth Moffett
Lincoln & Lois Moody
Rich Moran Jr.
The Nass Family
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Nelson
Robert Nussbaum, MD
Andrea Nygren

Ray & Ann Peterson
Greer & Nilah Putnam
Allen & Beverly Rejonis
Robert W. Rexrode
Brian & Renee Rodeck
W. Schlecht
The Smoker Family
Randy & Kathleen Treiber
Bill Vess


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